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SPOT! Review

Posted: 08 July 2005

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Software Author:   PDAmill
Product: SPOT!
Cost: $14.95
Reviewed By: Russ Terrell

I'm sure everyone remembers doing 'find the difference in the pictures' puzzles as kids. These puzzles helped to train us in deduction and troubleshooting that is now essential later in life. PDAmill has released SPOT! which takes the 'find the differences' puzzles to a higher level. This is a fun yet frustrating game. You have a normal picture at the top of the screen and have to find the differences in the picture at the bottom of the screen.

The puzzles are random, so you will never get the exact same set when you're playing. Finding some of the differences can be a real challenge. While playing the game, you get 5 misses before the game ends. You can also get a hint, but that will cost you a miss. You can't get a hint with only one miss left.

There are 3 game modes in SPOT!:

  • SPOT! Career - In this mode you take your time solving the puzzles. The game keeps track of average time it took to solve the puzzles.
  • SPOT! Galore - In this mode you need to go as fast as you can to select 8 differences in the allotted time. The game keeps track of the average number of differences you have spotted.
  • SPOT! Check - In this game you have to find the one difference between the two screens in the allotted time. The game keeps track of how many screens you have solved.
  • Game play is very straight forward. Tap on either picture where the changes are, to get credit. The top of the screen shows the number to find and the number you have found as well as the number of misses (red and green dots) left. Tapping on the Star gives you a hint. There is a pause button for the timed games and an exit button.

    Here is an example of an easy puzzle set. Find the apples hidden with the other fruit. This set is a good place to start.

    This is an example of a much harder puzzle set. This one had extra flowers.

    Here’s an example of the Check game. You have 20 seconds to find the difference.

    *Tip* - My suggestion when playing the game is to start with career mode and play the sets many times to get a feel for the changes in each picture. Most of these will show up when you play the Galore and Check modes.


    This is great game as it is easy to learn and easy to play. Each game set only takes a few minutes to play, so it’s a great game to play during a break or before a meeting. The nice thing about the game is PDAmill is adding additional free puzzle sets (Spotpacks) to their website all the time. They are currently up to 17 sets and I’ve only played the first 5. With the extra Spotpacks it is well worth the price.

    Where Can You Get A Copy?

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