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QuickQuotes Review

Posted: 20 June 2005

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Software Author:   ScaryBear Software
Product: QuickQuotes
Cost: $9.95
Reviewed By: Russ Terrell


QuickQuotes by ScaryBear Software is a Today Screen plug-in that gives you the ability to display quotes, daily affirmations, jokes, questions/answers and pictures. The premise is simple, supply a text file and the plug-in displays the information on the screen. The information can be automatically rotated every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours or each day. You can also tap on the information to rotate it.

The text is fully configurable. You can select the color, font, font style, font size, text shadow and ClearType text. A background picture can also be selected. The picture can be a .bmp, .jpg or .gif. If you select not to display the text, you can use the plug-in as a slide show display. The picture can be static or change at each text rotation. There are several .bmp files included.

ScaryBear Software has several quote files on their web site, random, sports, serious, comedy and celebrity. The documentation shows how to create your own quote files. You can also create question and answer files that work with their FlashIt product.


QuickQuotes is very well done. There are lots of configuration options and the documentation is excellent. I liked the fact that you can create your own quotes files. I did find a few things that I didn’t like about the program. First off, it would be nice if the quotes came up randomly, rather than in order. It would also be nice if it could pick random quotes out of different quotes files. My other complaint is that the program is a little expensive. There are similar plug-ins like this for free, although none are as polished as this product. The ideal price for this would be around $4.95. As always, price is subjective to how useful the program is to you.

Where Can You Get Your Copy?

You can purchase and download your copy at ScaryBear Software.

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