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Leonard Maltin Movie Guide Review

Posted: 13 June 2005

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Software Author:   LandWare
Product: Leonard Maltin Movie Guide For Pocket PC
Cost: $19.95 (download) $24.95 (CD)
Reviewed By: Russ Terrell

I’m a person that loves to find new or unique uses for my Pocket PC. They are wonderful devices for organizing your life. The big problem is there is no easy way to database information. You can put information in spreadsheets or document files, but it’s not a very eloquent way of organizing your data. That’s where companies are coming in to help us. LandWare is one such company for movies. In my case, I love movies. I like to be able to look up who was in what movie. Our family has a moderate collection of movies on video tape and DVDs. My son has a DVD player in his room, there’s a DVD and VCR in the family room and a VCR in the master bedroom. Media gets spread round the house, so it’s hard to remember what we own.

Leonard Maltin Movie Guide for Pocket PC is a wonderfully simple program to use. The program is multi functional. The key part is that it features the Leonard Maltin Movie Guide on the PPC. Even if you don’t like review books, they are always a good guide for plots, directors and actors. There is a wealth of information here. It could even win you a bar bet someday.

Another part of the program is the media organizer. You can search for and record all the DVDs and tapes you have. It allows you to classify your media by interest. You can add your own rating and additional notes. There is a category for adding movies to a ‘to rent/buy’ list.

The final function is the Movie Events page. This page tells you the movies coming out in the theater, on DVD and up coming film festivals. This page is updated when you sync your PPC. You can select to synchronize the events on every sync, every day/week/month or manually. I have it set for once a week.

The program has a very powerful search function. You can find movies by Title, Year, Rating, Genre, Staring, Directed by, Awards and Attributes. You can do a partial or full title search. Genre, Staring, Directed by, Awards and Attributes all have sub menus with checkboxes for detailed searches. You can also search with freeform input.


Leonard Maltin Movie Guide takes PPC owning to the next level. This is a very useful program to add to your collection. The reviews are good; the data base and search features are excellent. My only disappointment is in the Movie Events page. When you click on an item, it pops up a box but gives no additional information. It would be nice to have a little information on upcoming movies. The help guide is excellent.

Here is a tip on backing up your personal movie database. You should backup the Movie-ListsVolume file. If you have to do a hard rest, you can copy this file back and you’ll get all your custom information returned.

Where Can You Get A Copy?

Leonard Maltin Movie Guide is available for Palm OS, Pocket PC and Windows Mobile Smartphone and can be purchased at LandWare

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