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Confidential Notes 1.0 Review

Posted: 26 May 2005

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Software Author:   Pocket PC Security
Product: Confidential Notes 1.0
Cost: $19.95
Reviewed By: Russ Terrell

I have found that Pocket PCs, for all their conveniences, are not very secure. You can pack your whole life into this tiny device, but if you don't have your data locked down, it's possible for anyone to view it. Let's face it, it iss a very easy device to grow legs and walk away. If you have any valuable information on your PPC, you should practice some type of security. In another review I talked about PicturePassword to lock down access. To add additional security you should secure the files you store on your device.

Confidential Notes 1.0 offers a solution for encrypting notes, voice memos and sketches. The files are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption. Files are protected by either a single or double password. Doing research, I found 256-bit AES encryption is very secure. Your files are created and manipulated within the program. The files are stored within a single folder for easy backup. When you look at the files in the folder, even the name is encrypted and does not have an extension.

The program functions very much like Notepad does. You can type, draw on the screen or take audio notes. If you’re familiar with Notepads operation, you’ll have no trouble with Confidential Notes. When you type your notes, you can use any of the screen input methods, i.e. Block Recognizer, Keyboard, Letter Recognizer or Transcriber. You can also cut and paste between this application and Word or Notepad. It would be nice if you could import and export files.

When you set up the program, you can select either a single or double password. This configuration can be changed at anytime. There is full password management within the program, allowing you to change passwords. There is a hint system if you forgot your password.

There are a few things to remember when you use this program. First off, pick hints that will help you with your passwords. Next is to backup the folder your storing the notes in. There are full instructions on their web site on how to backup and recover this folder.


I liked the concept of secure note taking. Granted I don’t have a lot of notes that need to be secured, but you could use this to store passwords, pin numbers or account numbers. I see this as a great personal tool, as long as your password is secure. I don’t believe at this time the product is mature enough for corporate use. There is no way of encrypting files not created by the program. It would be great if you could import your files into the program. The developer told me that there maybe additional features coming later. I would recommend the program for personal use, if you’re going to use it a lot. At $19.95, it’s not a use once a week type thing.

Where Can I Get My Copy

Get your copy at Pocket PC Security.

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